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Savannah James To Share ‘More Personal Side’ In New Podcast Series ‘Everybody’s Crazy’

Savannah James and her close friend April McDaniel launch their new podcast, "Everybody's Crazy."

Savannah James is ready to show the world that she’s more than just LeBron James’ wife in her new podcast series “Everybody’s Crazy.”

On Tuesday, April 30, Savannah and her longtime friend, April McDaniel, debuted their new podcast series that shows off their personalities and sheds the layers to their typically “private” lives. The pair go back 15 years to when Savannah met McDaniel while pregnant with her second son, Bryce.

“I was very pregnant and I remember she was like, ‘Girl, what are you doing? Come over here and sit down,’ so she was taking care of me,” Savannah told People.

“The funny part is we’ve never talked about doing a podcast together,” says McDaniel. “Never. We are very private in our own respected natures. Savannah’s always been very private with her life, and so have I.”

McDaniel shares how organically they built their friendship after she met the James family through her Crown & Conquer event planning company. After several moves from Cleveland to Miami to Los Angeles, the duo were able to spend more time together once Savannah settled in the City of Angels.

Now, with her three children getting older and blazing their separate trails, Savannah, 37, is ready to come into her own and offer some inspiration to her daughter Zhuri, 9, who has told her, “‘Mom, I want to be like you.'”

“I started my family pretty young, and I was just in a space of trying to navigate who I was at the time or who I am,” Savannah shared. “And I feel like I’ve grown so much from playing the background, taking care of the kids, supporting my husband.”

The show will follow Savannah and McDaniel as they enter a “new phase of our lives” where the wife and mother will “put myself out there” alongside her friend. Listeners will be able to call in and share their crazy stories and connect with the two co-hosts.

Although Savannah is “scared as hell” about stopping playing “the background” in her husband’s career and letting the world see more of her personality, she welcomes the change.

“As nerve-racking and anxiety-ridden as it is to do something new, I’m really excited,” she said.

LeBron has already shown his support for his wife’s new venture by hopping on her Instagram Live and helping her and McDaniel promote the podcast.

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