Selling Tampa's Colony Reeves Talks Mental Health in the Black Community and Current Seller's Market

Selling Tampa’s Colony Reeves Talks Mental Health in the Black Community and Current Seller’s Market

Courtesy of Colony Reeves

Colony Reeves is among the stars of Netflix’s newest real estate-based reality show Selling Tampa. The show is the first within the franchise to star an all-Black and all-female cast of luxury realtors and has been well-received among viewers.

Appearing on BLACK ENTERPRISE’s “Hip Hop and Enterprise,” Colony opens up about her new life as a reality star and how she’s branding herself as a lifestyle, health, fashion advocate, and luxury real estate expert.

Reeves was a standout on the new series. Catching attention through her natural flair for fashion, beauty, and devout loyalty to Allure Realty’s owner Sharelle Rosado.

The Tampa native and University of South Florida graduate has a passion for real estate and credits her father for encouraging her to get into the field. She has also praised the industry for revitalizing her drive following a rough period in her life.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the woman I see. I always say Real Estate saved my life,” she captioned one video clip of the show.


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With Selling Tampa seemingly working to add to the diversity on Netflix, debates were raised around the depiction of the ladies at Allure Realty as it compares to its all-white predecessor Selling Sunset. Power 105’s DJ Envy publicly questioned why producers seemingly highlighted more luxury properties and closed deals on Selling Sunset than what appeared in the final cut of Selling Tampa.

Reeves addresses this misconception while thanking DJ Envy for raising awareness on the new show. She also touches on how “slept on” Tampa is within the luxury real estate market.

With all the recent news around the mental health crisis and its relation to the Black community, Colony also aims to use her platform to share her own story and help stop stigmas about mental health. She advocates for mental health and therapy and shares details about her own past of battling depression to help others heal.