'The Hype is Real!'—Sephora Deal Sends Black-Owned Skincare Brand to 250 Stores Nationwide
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‘The Hype is Real!’—Sephora Deal Sends Black-Owned Skincare Brand to 250 Stores Nationwide

Hyper Skin founder Desiree Verdejo (Screenshot: Instagram/ @desiree.verdejo)

Desiree Verdejo, founder of Hyper Skin, revealed the brand has a deal with mega-retailer Sephora to carry Hyper Skin products in over 250 Sephora stores nationwide.

“We are so thrilled to have officially launched in 250 Sephora stores across the country,” Verdejo shared in a statement.

“My goal with Hyper Skin has always been to meet our consumers where they are, so being a part of the ‘Next Big Thing’ curation at Sephora will be a catalyst for becoming even more accessible to our community,” she said per Essence.


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The modern clinical brand provides products that are compatible with women of color. Treatments focus on the issue of discoloration that many women of color struggle with.

Verdejo shares the brand’s story on the Hyper Skin website: “I’ve had acne and dark spots since I was a teenager—I’m by far my toughest customer. After loving skincare but being left out of the club, I created the brand that we deserve. One that is rooted in realness—it’s really multicultural, centering real skin and realistic standards, and our hardworking formulas deliver real results. Hyper Skin is setting new standards for modern clinical skincare. The bar has been raised. The hype is real!”



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Verdejo’s brand brings Black and Brown skin into the beauty conversation. In a 2020 interview, the beauty guru mentioned the investment for Black women-owned businesses was less than 1%.

“It’s inconsistent that brands are not getting investment, but that they would succeed on the shelves of numerous retailers or be able to multiply their inventory in a way that this market is now demanding,” she told Beauty Independent. “It’s not a recipe for success. All of the things need to be aligned, and everyone that’s a key player in the market knows that because that’s what’s done for the brands that we know the names of. I think that needs to be the case for Black-owned brands as well if there’s really truly a desire to see them succeed and be accessible to all consumers.”

According to Essence, the best-selling products from Verdejo’s Hyper Skin line will receive prime placement on Sephora’s shelves. In addition, the selected products will be visible on the major retailer’s “Next Big Thing” display.


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“While our full product collection is available online at Sephora, we’re excited to welcome our hero Hyper Even Brightening Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum and new Hyper Even Brightening Gel Cleanser to the shelves in person,” Verdejo said.

The Hyper Skin products can also be found at Sephora.com.