Serita Jakes, Wife of T.D. Jakes, Launches Home Collection Line to Help Others Create Sacred Space

Serita Jakes, Wife of T.D. Jakes, Launches Home Collection Line to Help Others Create Sacred Space

With a calming presence that quietly and confidently commands peace, strength, and grace, Serita Jakes, wife of Bishop TD Jakes, is internationally beloved. As a parent, grandparent, ministry leader, and entrepreneur, she has had to learn how to thrive as an introvert in an extroverted world. The wave of her leadership impact has rippled into millions of lives around the world. Her voice is relevant, welcomed, and offers peace-filled solutions. Serita Jakes Home is an inviting and refreshing lifestyle brand that reflects and captures her core values, authentic persona, and all that she holds dear.

“I have always loved coming home and as our family grew, my goal was to always ensure that our home was a sanctuary—a sacred space of happiness and serenity.” ~Serita Jakes | Serita Jakes Home

As her husband would travel for ministry throughout the years, she would tuck a little token away in his luggage—a candle, loving note, or some simple reminder of home to put his mind at ease. In the wake of heightened panic and accelerated uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that there are inspired solutions that support and serve the total person—particularly the soul (mind, will, and emotions.)

Now with Serita Jakes Home, she has opened her home through an inspirational line of decor and accessories curated to introduce an aura of domestic excellence and give others the opportunity to create their own sacred spaces of serenity and style. The collection offers a sensory delight and lifestyle experience through smell, touch, and texture, ushering in an inviting presence that soothes the soul and invokes tranquility. The newest candle, “Adoration,” boasts a sweet and feminine aroma derived from hibiscus floral, freesia, vetiver, and peony that empowers any room or space.

In an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Jakes shared briefly why sacred spaces are especially important, especially during the present pandemic and time of quarantine and how to nurture those sacred spaces in business and in life. According to her, no one else can create and control this space but you.

“It’s important that everyone has a sense of rest no matter where they are in life. We need to always have a place where we’re safe.”  ~Serita Jakes | Serita Jakes HOME

Centering – the ability to be at peace within yourself. And for me, it is the ultimate sacred space where I can simply commune with God. Your sacred space is not limited by physical location—it can be transported to your car or while you are “masked up” while grocery shopping.

Finding – a quiet space inwardly so that it will radiate outwardly. This applies within those of your own household (that you live with every day) or even conducting a Zoom call online as you’re engaging in business activity.

Creating – a circle of love and peace, not creating harm or terror. This applies to personal and business relationships alike. Our world is riddled with symbols and acts of hatred—now is always the time to perpetuate love and promote peace.

Gathering – this includes your thoughts, your tears, your laughter—and bringing them into an internal place within (sacred space.) There is where you are giving your soul permission to process change and embrace healing.

Lastly, Jakes left us with some sound words of wisdom and practical advice on how to nurture and protect our sacred spaces such as:

Acknowledge Your Sacred Space – you are allowed to have a sacred space. Therefore, you have to guard it. Do not allow just anyone to come in and evade your territorial bubble.

Decide Who’s Worthy of Access – your space is comprised of layers. Therefore, use wisdom and invite people in with caution. For example, I do not develop deep, deep relationships with anyone that I cannot nurture through their hard times.

Without question, these are unparalleled times but may peace, serenity and sacredness remain a permanent resident in your heart and soul.

Welcome Home.