Sexyy Red Responds To Teacher Condemning Kids Listening to ‘Poundtown’

Sexyy Red Responds To Teacher Condemning Kids Listening to ‘Poundtown’

The rapper offered a solution for the young teacher.

Sexyy Red is inserting herself into the conversation surrounding the impact her songs have on younger listeners. After a ballet teacher went viral for noting that kids are growing up too fast and should not be exposed to songs such as Red’s “Poundtown,” the rapper responded to the critique on her music being too inappropriate.

The Shade Room reposted the clip of a ballet teacher named Sai, who is in her mid-twenties, stating that her 5-year-old students “don’t respect” her as an adult figure or their classmates.

“I’m calling out all the parents,” shared the 22-year-old student at Morgan State University. “Having to teach and work with you guys’ children has been the most traumatic experience of my life. I teach 5-year-old girls ballet. I have a class of 1- students. They don’t respect any authority.”

She then relayed how unruly her students are, expressing that even if she confronts the parents, they condone the misbehavior and argue further.

“And another thing that is heart-wrenching and horrifying…Your 5-year-old daughters are asking to listen to ‘Poundtown’ and ‘Skeeyee,'” she tearfully explained, referring to two of Sexyy Red’s hit songs. “You guys’ daughters are twerking at [age] five. Where is the parenting? Y’all are not helping your kids. You’re hurting them.”

After Sexxy Red received word of the viral clip, the rapper took to X and expressed her solution to the “raunchy, sexual music” she was ascribed to.

“Ima make some Kidz Bop songs for yall [for real],” stated the soon-to-be mother of two. Sexyy Red has gained infamy for her explicit lyrics and sexual nature being considered negative for the community.

While she did not confirm if she agreed that her songs were a bad influence on younger fans, the St. Louis native did appear to want to make things right with the flustered teacher.