Shaman Candiss Pitts Earns $119K Per Month Following Her Purpose

Shaman Candiss Pitts Earns $119K Per Month Following Her Purpose

Candiss Pitts always knew she had a gift before embarking on the spiritual journey of a lifetime and guiding others to align work, purpose, and passion.

Pitts, who goes by “Makhosi Nejeser,” is the founder of The Royal Shaman, a spiritual advising business that provides coaching services to high income earners and high-level entrepreneurs.

The West Virginia native worked in direct sales after graduating college and achieved a spot in the top 2% of consultants at her company, Pitts revealed on CNBC. Dedicated to her job at the time, Pitts was able to reap the rewards of “free trips, designer handbags, and mansion parties.” But she knew even the rewards and the accomplishments couldn’t stop the feeling that she could be doing more.

“As a 24-year-old mother from a small town in West Virginia, it was more than I ever dreamed of,” she wrote as a contributor on CNBC. “Still, I had this nagging feeling that something was missing. I started asking myself: ‘Who am I? What am I here to do? Am I living my purpose?'”

These questions led her to South Africa, where she would further explore her gift of “knowing and seeing things other people can’t.”

In 2013, Pitts quit her successful sales job to fully commit herself to a five-year spiritual journey. She went on to train to become a shaman in South Africa. A shaman is a “healer” who acts as an intermediary between the physical and non-physical realms.

While on her path to unlock her dreams, Pitts spent more than $100,000 and had to take on jobs in marketing and business strategy to get by during her “rigorous” and “expensive” training.

In September 2018, Pitts returned home with determination and offered individual spiritual advising sessions. Unlike a life coach, Pitts explains that she “helps [her] clients expand and uplift their consciousness on a more spiritual level.”

The pricing of her sessions were initially contingent upon what others were charging. After the first few months, Pitts decided to expand her services by offering her first group program for $97 per month in December 2018.

In a two year span, Pitts’ coaching services racked in $17,000 to $972,000 after pivoting her focus to “elite clientele,” a group in which her influence helped them secure multimillion-dollar business deals.

Unapologetic about her worth and influence, Pitts’ growth revenue closed out 2021 with $972,000. The shaman managed to make an average of $119,000 per month this quarter.

“All of this was possible because I gave myself permission to follow my passion and purpose,” Pitts said.