Shannon Sharpe, makeup

Shannon Sharpe Says It ‘Isn’t the End of the World’ After Being Roasted For His ‘First Take’ Makeup

Shannon Sharpe became the butt of the joke this week after fans mocked the “funeral makeup” he was given while on ESPN’s First Take.

Sharpe, 55, has been adjusting to his new co-anchor role alongside Stephen A. Smith following his departure from FS1 earlier this year. But the network’s makeup team might need to adjust to the newcomer.

The NFL-alum-turned-sports-commentator became a laughing stock on Oct. 16 after one viewer shared a screenshot of his onscreen appearance.

“Man look at how ESPN makeup department has Shannon looking this morning,” they wrote.


Soon, fans were chiming in and roasting Sharpe’s “funeral makeup,” as one critic put it.

“Casket ⚰️ ready or they hired Little Richard’s old makeup artist,” one Twitter/X user wrote.

“Good Golly, Miss Molly!” added someone else, referencing the popular Little Richard song.

Not one to cower in the face of criticism, Sharpe had no issue clapping back at the jokesters to address the makeup snafu.

“Appreciate the concern over my makeup this morning on @FirstTake. This was her 1st time doing my makeup and it was a little heavy,” Sharpe tweeted.

“My appearance is important, not as important as my takes. Hopefully, the takes were gr8 as usual. #LipSparringChamp #BestDressed #Espn.”

Sharpe is now a First Take regular, alongside Smith, following his departure from FS1’s Undisputed in June. He spent nearly seven years hosting the sports talk show alongside Skip Bayless and had difficulty adjusting to his new on-air gig when he made his First Take debut.

The Club Shay Shay host went viral with video clips showing how often Sharpe mistakenly called Stephen A. Smith “Skip.” With Smith also being a former co-host with Bayless, he understood the slip-up.

Bayless still hosts the long-running series with rotating analysts like rapper Lil Wayne. Meanwhile, Sharpe and Smith have a good thing going on ESPN. Hopefully the makeup team can get on board.