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Shaq Opens Up New Comebaq Basketball Court For Kids In Los Angeles

The basketball court was opened under his initiative to give kids access to quality sports facilities across America.

Shaquille O’Neal is giving back to the city of Los Angeles. On Nov. 16, Shaq took to refurbishing a Boys & Girl’s Club basketball court and spent the day hanging out with the kids.

According to TMZ Sports, Shaq was at the BGC in Metro LA for three grand openings of the Comebaq Court, part of an initiative by his foundation to fix courts and fields for youth all across the country. 

“I came here one time and I saw the court need to be refurbished. I asked about the refurbish. They told me ‘yes’ and this is the result. If we can help one, if we can help 100, we can help ’em all. If you need computers, you need laptops, fresh paint — then you call Uncle Shaq,” said Shaq.

So far, Shaq has opened up five Comebaq Courts since he started the program; he’s renovated new basketball facilities in Newark, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Miami. He’s looking to continue expanding the program to include more courts in other cities, too. Comebaq Courts have all new facilities, hoops, courts, and places for the kids to hang out and spend their time.

While speaking to TMZ Sports, Shaq acknowledged that this was only possible with his less-recognized counterparts. He credited Icy Hot and other counselors who volunteered their time in the spaces with the kids. 

He said, “Those counselors, the ones who volunteer everyday, they actually should get most of the credit.”

Ahead of the holidays, Shaq opened up about his Thanksgiving day plans. The 51-year-old former NBA star admitted, “I don’t do anything in my house. I try to feed homeless families.”

Shaq had a 19-year-long NBA career and consistently uses his money and endorsements to better his community and those around them. 

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