Shaquille O’Neal and His Mother Lucille Featured In Ad Campaign Together

Shaquille O’Neal and His Mother Lucille Featured In Ad Campaign Together

If you think former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is going away anytime soon… Think again! The basketball analyst, business man and TV commentator is featured in another commercial that pairs him up with his mother, Lucille O’Neal.

A family’s legacy is important and is at the core of a new campaign by printing company Epson. The global technology leader has launched an ad campaign that features Lucille and Shaquille, which shows and highlights the bond between a mother and her son as they reminisce childhood memories through their old photos.

“Our family enjoys so many great experiences together. My mom has always offered endless love and has made sure to regularly collect our childhood photos,” said Shaquille O’Neal in a press release. “But even the most organized mother needs a little help saving the most important memories. The Epson FastFoto makes it easy to capture and share these memories.”

The new “Preserve What’s Priceless” campaign will be shown and featured across a variety of digital and social media platforms. Even making Lucille O’Neal an Honorary “Chief Memory Officer” and ambassador for Epson’s line of FastFoto products.

“Family has always come first for me and I will forever cherish the memories we have together,” said Lucille O’Neal. “When Shaquille first mentioned the Epson FastFoto, I knew right away that this was a product that I could stand behind. Partnering with Epson allows me to show others how easy it is to preserve their memories.”

The campaign showcases the ease and benefits of preserving, enhancing, organizing, and sharing irreplaceable family memories using Epson’s FastFoto® FF-680W High-Speed Photo and Document Scanning System.

“The bond between Shaquille and Lucille echoes the closeness shared by so many families and friends, making them both ideal ambassadors for Epson’s ‘Preserve What’s Priceless’ campaign,” said Dan Murphy, head of international marketing communications, Epson America, Inc. “Special moments occur every day and grow over time to create a family’s legacy. Moreover, reliving the special moments through an old photo is something we can all relate to, and we hope the campaign encourages everyone to preserve their own memories. As Lucille shares in our new campaign, easily and quickly converting your most-prized photographs to digital with FastFoto truly ‘Preserves What’s Priceless’.”

Check this link to find out more about the Epson FastFoto Scanning solutions.