Shaquille O’Neal And Son Myles Bond Over Love Of DJing

While married to TV personality Shaunie Henderson, Shaquille O’Neal acted as a father figure to her oldest son, Myles, who was from a past relationship. O’Neal was so close to Myles that he adopted him.

Now, due to their special bond, the 26-year-old has decided to follow in the former NBA star’s footsteps to become a DJ. 

Not only did Shaq lead a massively successful basketball career, but he made a name for himself in the DJ world with his musical alter ego, DJ Diesel. In a recent interview with People, Shaq said he loves being able to work with Myles. 

“I remember when I just bought him his first DJ set,” Shaq said, “He’d be in a room, and I’d try to let my kids do everything on their own, so he’d come in, and I’d say, ‘Figure it out,’ and he’d come back with it figured out.”

Shaq told the outlet that he was impressed with Myles’ innate skill for the game.

“I’ve seen him perform many times, and he’s really good. I’m actually jealous, he’s really good. I’m so proud of him because he did it the same way I did it,” Shaq added.

He pointed out something else that Myles has that he doesn’t have. He has that DJ hair,” Shaq said. “I don’t have the DJ hair…something I’ve never had.”

Myles opened up about how grateful he is to have his father supporting him in his career pursuits.

“I got into the world of deejaying through my dad,” he said. “He was doing his DJ Diesel project, and he just brought me on with no experience in the music industry at all. And I started working for him. I started in the background as a stage manager.”

Most recently, Myles showed off his DJ skills at the HARD music festival in Las Vegas.

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