Shawn Harris, Democrat, runoff, Marjorie Greene

Shawn Harris Wins Georgia’s 14th District Democratic Runoff, Will Face Marjorie Taylor Greene

Think he can do it?

Shawn Harris won Georgia’s 14th congressional district Democratic runoff and will take on outspoken GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

Harris defeated Clarence Blalock, securing 71.5% of the vote with 34% of ballots counted. Blalock initially defeated Harris during the state’s primary election in May 2024 by only 124 votes. The election was pushed into a runoff election, held June 18, after both candidates failed to receive over 50% of the vote.

Now, he will go up against the Donald Trump advocate in an uphill battle for a seat labeled as Republican. 

Greene was re-elected in 2022 after defeating another Black Democrat, Marcus Flowers. But, according to Newsweek, Greene has an overall unfavorable rating of 52.5% in comparison to 42% who described her as “very unfavorable” and 10.5% who were somewhat unfavorable. 

Harris, a retired Brigadier General posted a video on Twitter, saying he is ready to end Greene’s “toxic career.” He encouraged those dissatisfied with her performance on Capitol Hill to fight back and put him in office.

“I’m thankful to the voters for electing me as the Democratic nominee to face MTG,” he said. “Tonight is not about me. It’s about thanking Clarence, whose work will be vital in bringing us all together. This fight is not done; it actually just began, and it’s with Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Thanking Blalock for his work, Harris said he wants to “bring all the Democrats back together” and social media fans seem to be on board.

“Congrats on a hard earned Democratic nomination!”,@ac_californian wrote. “I encourage all my followers to follow you at @ShawnForGeorgia and support you however they can to give Moscow Marge a real run for her money in November!”

“Listen up Georgia 14th District! Is MTG really who you want representing you?,” @LiberalGenXVet said. “MTG isn’t worthy of your vote! Choose someone who truly cares about your community and its values!”