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Simone Biles Condemns Gymnastics Ireland For Racist Incident

Simone Biles is making it known that racism has no place in sports. She has condemned Gymnastics Ireland, the national governing body for the sport in Ireland, for a harrowing incident that showed a young Black competitor blatantly skipped over during an awards ceremony.

The incident occurred in March 2022, according to the Daily Mail, and shocked viewers as the little girl’s excitement turned to sadness when she was embarrassed by the medal bestower.

Upon being notified of the video, Biles expressed her disgust. She also revealed that the girl’s family contacted her following the incident, and the world-renowned gymnast sent her a video to lift her spirits. She also emphasized that there is “no room for racism” in the world of sports or in general.


When the clip made the rounds on social media again this past week, Gymnastics Ireland made an official statement apologizing to the young girl for what happened. Her family, however, remains adamant that racism was the cause. They also claim that they have yet to receive a just apology for the ordeal, which the organization stated was handled through a mediation back in August.

The woman who handed out the awards, who is no longer affiliated with the organization by her own choice, said the move was “unintentional” but agreed that her actions were not “acceptable.”

While the family is still exploring legal options, Biles’ video to the young girl encouraged her to continuing working hard at her passion and to never let racism make her feel less deserving.

“I wanted to let you know that I saw how you were treated at your GymSTART event recently,” Biles said, according to the Daily Mail.  I was completely shocked and wanted to let you know that you deserve a medal just like all of the other girls. I know you’ve worked incredibly hard at the sport and I wanted to say I am rooting for you from here. Sending you my very best and know that there are so many of us here to support you.”

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