Single Black Dad Says He Will Encourage His Son to Pursue Entrepreneurship Instead of College

Single Black Dad Says He Will Encourage His Son to Pursue Entrepreneurship Instead of College

Journalist and now published author, Carlos Smith, didn’t take the traditional route to entrepreneurship. After graduating from college and constantly hearing that he lacked experience, he decided to create his own opportunity with his business called More Than A Job, LLC.

Now, he wants to convey that same message to his seven-year-old son, Brayden, that entrepreneurship could be a much better option than going to college.

Carlos comments, “Hearing ‘no’ so many times as a college graduate can be very disappointing. I started to hear no so much it started to make me question a lot of things. However, I refused to let the no define who I am and my circumstances, so I created my own opportunity. The meaning of ‘More Than a Job’ is about finding your purpose and understanding that life is more than a paycheck. It’s nothing wrong with creating your own opportunity and realizing the self-investment is your best investment.”

Under his business, Carlos has officially released his debut book “F*** School: Life Is Your Best Teacher.” He comments, “The purpose of my book is to share my journey and to inspire people all over the world. I want them to understand that success is all subjective and that you don’t necessarily have to go to college to be successful. I feel that at an early age society puts a belief on us that we must do things a certain way even when it comes to education. I also wanted to break the stigma especially as a black man that we don’t like to read or write.”

Carlos has also created his own podcast called “Cross The Line” where he travels to different places to interview entrepreneurs from various backgrounds to share their journey. His podcast can be streamed and/or downloaded via, iHeartRadio, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music and Pandora Radio. His book is also available through his website as well as on Amazon.

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