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Sister Duo Behind Atlanta’s Black-Owned Teen Cosmetics Brand Takes Center Stage On Macys’ Website

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Nikki and Kelli Sumlin, the visionary sibling owners at the helm of Prom Queen Cosmetics, have successfully established their brand as a trailblazing, Black-owned cosmetic company passionately committed to addressing teenagers’ unique and evolving makeup requirements.

Prom Queen is a cosmetics brand focused on creating makeup products specially for teens and tweens. The brand was established by the Sumlin sister duo to overcome the lack of beauty products for teens and tweens just starting to explore the world of makeup. The brand prioritizes catering to the specific makeup preferences and requirements of teenage Black consumers.

According to the sisters, this segment of makeup enthusiasts, particularly black teenagers, has been overlooked by existing makeup companies. They are committed to stepping in and bridging the gaps, ensuring that these passionate makeup lovers receive the attention and products they deserve.

The brand is currently offering lip gloss in its collection. However, in the near future, they are hoping to provide an extensive range of makeup and beauty products for their target audience. Prom Queen takes pride in their 19 unique lip shades. These ‘glam glosses’ come in glossy, shimmer, and glitter finishes. The sister duo has laid special focus on the packaging of their glam gloss collection, keeping in mind the trends in the teen beauty and makeup world. They have diamante-studded caps for each glam gloss, adding to the aesthetic value of the product and making it unique.

In addition to this, Prom Queen also offers an ambassador program on their website. According to this program, any customer can send their submissions for becoming an ambassador. This program aims to build a community of aficionados and give them a sense of belonging and validation. The brand also addresses the concerns of parents looking for assistance with their teen or tween’s makeup journey.

With a tremendously positive response to the brand launch, the future of Prom Queen looks undoubtedly shimmering, just like their glam gloss collection.