Slutty Vegan Founder Has Filed Trademark Applications to Run Her Business in the Metaverse

Slutty Vegan Founder Has Filed Trademark Applications to Run Her Business in the Metaverse

Companies are exploring new methods of business and diving into the metaverse, a virtual reality that is rapidly becoming the norm across various industries.

Slutty Vegan’s founder Aisha “Pinky” Cole has filed trademark applications to run her business in the metaverse, a virtual reality that combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds.

The Black woman-owned company is a vegan restaurant that launched in 2018 in Atlanta to provide vegan options and food awareness to the community.

According to Atlanta Business Journal, Cole submitted trademark documents to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in preparation to join the virtual world.

The trademarks reportedly cover areas including online retail services, virtual food and beverage products, and online ordering services providing take-out and delivery options. Additional coverage comprises mobile applications, customer loyalty programs, and virtual rewards that will reportedly be available virtually and in real life.

Trademarks covering digital media include digital collectibles, digital tokens, non-fungible tokens [NFTs], and digital art.

Sources report that the company received venture capital back in May for $25 million from New Voices and Enlightened Hospitality Investments. Cole has partnered with companies like Steve Madden to produce a vegan sneaker line, The Lip Bar to launch vegan lipstick, and a variety of other mega brands.

With five locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama, and New York City, the restaurant owner is no stranger to expanding her business. Although ‘digital eatin’ is not yet possible, Slutty Vegan will join other mega establishments in the metaverse to venture through new channels of engagement.

NFT News Today reported that franchises like McDonald’s and Panera Bread already filed trademark applications to open virtual restaurants in the metaverse earlier this year.

“Food in the Metaverse is taking various forms as food companies explore how to integrate the virtual world into the consumer food experience,” the outlet wrote.