Regardless of Party Lines, Small Business Owners Support Immigration Reform

Small business owners have been outspoken supporters of immigration reform and recent polls speak to that.

A telephone poll of small business owners shows that even across political party lines, owners want to reform the country’s current immigration policy. 67 percent of the 515 small business owners surveyed said they support a roadmap to citizenship for current immigrants, with an additional 61 percent saying they don’t like the current temporary worker program.

The respondents to the survey identified as 47% Republican, 27% Democratic and 26% Independent.

Richard Eidlin, Director of Public Policy for the American Sustainable Business Council, said: “Small business owners recognize that immigrants contribute to our economy in important ways — as workers, as business owners and job creators, and as a growing economic force that strengthens the small business customer base. A roadmap to citizenship will help to create stronger communities and a stronger economy overall.”

“Small businesses need immigration reform that creates economy-boosting jobs, strengthens consumer demand on Main Street, and meets the needs of a modern economy. A roadmap to citizenship is the way to achieve that,” said David Borris, owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, Illinois and a leader in the Main Street Alliance network.