Sneak Peak: Rihanna Teases ‘Secret Garden’ Dior Campaign

Sneak Peak: Rihanna Teases ‘Secret Garden’ Dior Campaign

Music’s favorite Bajan queen Rihanna is giving fans a sneak peak into her historical Dior “Secret Garden” campaign, with three 15-second teasers posted to Instagram over the past four days.

Back in march, the songstress turned model, made history as the first black spokesmodel for the luxury fashion brand.

The videos, dark and mysterious, feature Rihanna running throughout the famous Palace of Versailles; make-up flawless and her heels and confidence high–pictured in what could be three different Dior looks.


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In the most recent video, posted two days ago, Rihanna stands tall  and regal as the camera floats viewers over a moat within the secret Garden, bringing us face to face with a stoic 27-year-old RiRi behind a lace veil, covered in the fashion that is Dior.

In an earlier video, posted a day prior, viewers get a bird’s eye view of the perfectly manicured garden as a disheveled Rihanna, draped in an all white flowing fabric, dashes down a narrow strait, only to collapse in a grassy patch–Dior bag in hand.

Aside from being theatrical and entertaining, the videos also give Navy fans a snippet of Bad Gal RiRi’s newest track, “If Only for A Night,” which is said to be featured in the backdrop of the Dior Ad’s and in campaign short film scheduled to drop today, according to MTV.