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Snoop Dogg Is Now In The Ice Cream Business, Guess Who Was His Inspiration

Snoop Dogg is here to make our summers sweet with his latest business venture, Dr. Bombay Ice Cream; and it seems we have his friends Martha Stewart and Master P to thank for his decision to step into the dessert world.

Snoop’s sweet treats are officially available at Walmart starting Monday, July 24, in seven flavors including Bonus Track Brownie, Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream, and Iced Out Orange Cream; however, his foray into any new lane of business can be accredited to the things he’s learned from those around him.

According to TMZ, Snoop likened the knowledge he’s gained from Master P to a college education, and the time he’s spent with millionaire homemaker Stewart to the real-world application of the things we learn in educational institutions. Master P and Snoop have collaborated on a cereal line that will also be available on Walmart shelves.

This is phase one of Snoop’s dream to fully expand his brand into the lifestyle sector.

“Ice cream is more than just a snack to me; it’s a way to chill, relax, and get happy. That’s exactly what I want Dr. Bombay Ice Cream to do — bring a smile to your face and ease your mind,” Snoop said in a news release. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into perfecting these first seven flavors, and I can’t wait for my fans and the world to experience what I’ve created. Fans will also notice my sidekick Dr. Bombay is the name, face, and persona of the brand. That’s because he’s like a son to me and you always wants your kids to be more successful than you are, that’s my goal in building a lifestyle brand — starting with ice cream.”

In the months to come. Dr. Bombay Ice Cream will become available at additional retailers including GoPuff, Albertsons, and Safeway.