Snoop Dogg Becomes Marijuana Refrigerator Brand Ambassador

Snoop Dogg Becomes Marijuana Refrigerator Brand Ambassador

Snoop just keeps getting higher with the business deals he makes these days. According to Forbes, Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus Jr. has signed on to be a brand ambassador for an agri-tech company named Seedo.

Seedo is an Israeli company that manufactures a small refrigerator-like machine that cultivates plants with the help of artificial intelligence. Snoop Dogg is becoming a partner with Seedo on a variety of platforms to work closely with the company to achieve optimal consumer awareness of this innovative technology.

“Promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing my friends and communities with products that allow for growth in unused urban spaces is something I’m all the way down with. Seedo creates cost savings and the opportunity for all people to benefit from agricultural technologies,” says Snoop Dogg in a press release.


“We are honored to partner with an industry icon like Snoop Dogg,” said Zohar Levy, CEO of Seedo. “Snoop’s vast global following, industry influence, and network reach will provide us an invaluable resource for Seedo as we continue to grow. The synergy between Seedo’s products and Snoop’s platforms is truly natural.”

As stated on the Seedo website, Seedo’s proprietary technology, designed for smart usage of available space, allows anyone to grow high yields of complex, pesticide-free and sensitive plants in a fully automated manner. The Seedo Homelab is currently listed at $2,400 and can be financed with an initial deposit of $499, requiring the rest of the payment upon delivery.

Seedo is an agri-tech company providing automated growing technologies for home and commercial use. Seedo provides growers with the freedom to cut costs while generating high yields of lab-grade, pesticide-free herbs, and vegetables. Seedo’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, turnkey systems enable anyone, from average consumers to large-scale producers, the ability to grow a variety of produce without prior experience or ample space. For more information please visit, the content of which is not part of this press release. 

Snoop will contribute to a social responsibility program that will be sharing Seedo’s growing practices and providing donated Seedo products for local communities, neighborhood organizations, and his community of influencers. This initiative will start in his hometown of Long Beach, California. This isn’t Snoop’s first entry into this field. Back in 2015, Snoop started his line of marijuana products, Leafs by Snoop.