Social Media Questions Why Khloé Kardashian’s Good American is Listed in Nordstrom’s ‘Black-Owned’ Section

It’s Black History Month, and more eyes are taking notice of which Black-owned brands are getting the respect they deserve and which aren’t. That might be why more social media users are questioning why Nordstrom has Khloé Kardashian’s Good American brand listed in their “Black-owned” section.

Technically, Kardashian is just the co-owner of Good American, a size-inclusive fashion line she started with Emma Grede, the CEO and Co-Founder of Good American. Grede is a biracial British businesswoman raised by an English mother who worked for Morgan Stanley; and a Jamaican and Trinidadian father.

The power maven is in deep with the Kardashian-Jenner family on three of their major product lines, including Khloé’s Good American, Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS, and Kris Jenner’s Safely cleaning brand. When looking at the logistics, Good American technically is a Black-owned company.

But with Khloé serving as the face of the fashion line, many were  confused why Good American is able to take up space in a market with a long history of overlooking Black creatives.

That’s what happened when Reddit user u/sayjayxx started a thread calling out the mega-retailer for promoting Khloé’s brand as a Black-owned company.

“Nordstrom promoting Khloe Kardashians clothing brand as a black owned business,” they wrote. “Am I missing something here? This feels so wrong.”

Others were quick to correct the Redditor and educate them on the real ownership of Khloé’s fashion line.

“I hear you, but Emma Grede co-founded it with Khloe and is a POC,” one fan wrote.

“Emma didn’t co found anything, she’s the owner of Good American,” added another user. “Khloe is an employee, a face for the brand.”

But it’s not a new conversation among fashion consumers. Since Good American’s appearance on Nordstrom, the retailer has faced questions on social media from users confused by its placement among the Black-owned fashion companies.

“+ why does @Nordstrom have good american under black owned brands? khloe kardashian is yt 🙄,” someone asked in February 2021.

Apparently, it’s an ongoing topic that continues to give Good American free promo. Hence, why Khloé might be sitting back and enjoying the show.