Recruiters: Best Practices for Social Media

Calling All Recruiters: How to Best Screen Candidates via Social Media

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Social media has become an ever-increasing way for individuals to find employment. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, having an established presence on social media will keep you visible and attentive to job trends.

To attract the best candidates, recruiters should be sure to carefully market themselves. Keeping up with the basics of an online presence is not enough to make a recruiter a viable source. Brazen Careerist highlights a few ways that recruiters can establish themselves better on social media.

Time to get on the bandwagon

If you’re not using social media yet, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to start with a full-blown social media strategy. That’s a great goal to work towards, but first focus on getting in at the ground level. These are the basics you need:

1. Create a LinkedIn profile or edit/refresh the profile you already have.

2. Create a Twitter account for your company’s careers page and begin to tweet about your opportunities.

3. Create a (business) Facebook account using your work email address to share fun and exciting information about your company.

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