The World’s Fastest Accountant, Eugene Amo-Dadzie, Becomes One Of Europe’s Fastest Runners

For a man who has only taken up running in the summer of 2018, at then-26 years old, the feat he has just accomplished has eluded runners who have dominated the sport.

According to BBC Sport, 30-year-old Eugene Amo-Dadzie, who admittedly just picked up the sport of running, has run an amazingly fast 9.93 seconds to win a race in Graz, Austria. That performance, which took place in a 100m race, was the fastest time for a British runner and also placed him in the top five British all-time lists coming in tied at No. 4. Not bad for someone who is an accountant.

Amo-Dadzie’s record-breaking run also made him the fastest European of this current season, the 13th fastest man in the world, and places him as one of only two Britons to win with a time under 10 seconds so far in 2023, joining Reece Prescod.

He initiated his first training session at Woodford Green Athletics Club when he started to take the sport seriously. He then reached the British Championships semi-finals when he raced against Olympians Adam Gemili and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. In that season, he had a personal best of 10.55, and then that went down to 10.20 in 2021, and then last year, he ran a time of 10.05.

“I feel like I came into the sport at the right time. The head that I had on my shoulders at that time has allowed me to navigate this thing in a sensible way. I very much enjoy that I have a different story. I still refer to myself as an accountant that happens to operate in the world of track and field.”

With the result of his last race, it seems that he is likely to break another record after having beaten previous years’ best.

Now he is the world’s fastest accountant.