Spotify Launches Music Play Button for Websites

Spotify Launches Music Play Button for Websites

It’s been less than a year since Spotify launched in the US, and partnered with social networking juggernaut Facebook, but already the music streaming service is taking its offerings to the next level announcing Spotify Play on Wednesday. The new embeddable button allows users–mainly bloggers and web editors–to embed any Spotify song, album or playlist directly through their blog, site, or social networks.

Mirroring functionalities found on Google’s YouTube, the newly-released button gives visitors access to over 15 million tracks and allows them to play legal music directly on your site. The popular music provider has partnered with various web publications, including  People, Rolling Stone, Mashable, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian, as well as services like FanBridge and

Spotify Play Button is now integrated into the Tumblr dashboard. With the click of the “audio” tab, users can simply type in a specific song or album and the micro-blogging site creates the widget for you to fit into your blog theme.

“Adding the Spotify Play Button to your Tumblr, website, or social page will light it up with music in a flash and feature any song, album or playlist,” Spotify noted in a blog post. “To enjoy the tunes, all you have to do is hit Play. Totally free. Totally instant. Totally awesome.”

Facebook users can insert songs into their Timelines via FanRx, which will allow them to “feature specific songs or albums, draw attention to new releases, fan-only demos or exclusives.” Brands can do the same with FanBridge.

Spotify is available in only thirteen countries–the USA, UK, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and The Netherlands. Hence, the embeddable tracks will only play in these countries.

For those who want to add the Spotify Play Button to their site, just grab any song, album or playlist URI from within Spotify and go to its developer website to get the embed link.