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‘Status Of Black Women And Girls’ Study Reveals Alarming Rates For Trafficking Black Women

Here’s what the status of Black women and girls in the United States looks like at the moment.

After gathering and examining data from various federal and state government sources, academic journals, research reports, legal cases, census reports and credible news, John Jay College Professor Gloria J. Browne Marshall and The Law and Policy Group Inc. found both positive and alarming conclusions.

“The Report on the Status of Black Women and Girls” found Black women to have the highest rates of political participation and high school graduation, reported The Tennessee Tribune. Black women also rated high when collecting data in regards to spirituality.

On another note, research findings became alarming to the professionals upon learning of the high rates in regards to the trafficking of Black women. The report also highlights questionable conclusions about Black females having the highest rate of lung cancer, a strange conclusion since Black women were found to smoke less than other women. Black women were also found to have a lower life expectancy, 74.8 years.

The 2023 study has sparked curiosities for Browne Marshall who said she is interested in what the rate of Black women leaving the U.S. looks like.

“There appears to be a rise in those people of color who have given up in this country or just want a new experience in another one,” said Browne Marshall, who added that she wants to learn more about the rate of Black girls in relation to their connection with gang-related activity.

I want to highlight that this report can improve the quality of life by allowing people to determine if there are things, lifestyle choices that need to change or be updated. They can draw conclusions from the data,” she said.

“We are progressing. But we must stay vigilant. Black women do so much for so many. We must also take care of ourselves. This report will help. Knowledge is power,” Browne Marshall said.

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