S.T.E.M. Stars Is a Cloud Platform to Teach Kids STEM and Business Skills

S.T.E.M. Stars Is a Cloud Platform to Teach Kids STEM and Business Skills

S.T.E.M. Stars is an Atlanta-based education compay founded in 2015 that has created a unique STEM training platform. It teaches K-12 students coding, robotics entrepreneurship, and more. The cloud-based platform allows students to learn and collaborate from anywhere in real-time.

Founder of S.T.E.M. Stars on Why He Launched This Education Company


”There is a serious dilemma here in America and the world. The problem is that the quality of education a child receives is solely based on the area that child lives in. At S.T.E.M. Stars, we’re leveling the education playing field by making our science and technology coursework and tools accessible via the web,” said Steve Brown, the founder.

“Students can log in from anywhere in the world, learn and collaborate with teachers and other students in real-time. This ensures that students in economically disadvantaged areas can now receive the same level of education as students in very affluent areas just by logging in to our education network”

”Our focus from the beginning was to provide students with real-world software tools that IT engineers like myself use every day. We provide our students real-world tools such as API’s, code snippets, design interfaces, and media files, which teach them how to be real app developers from an early age. It also prepares them for the 21st-century workforce, which will be heavily focused on STEM careers so the U.S. can remain competitive. At S.T.E.M. Stars, we also teach our students entrepreneurial skills such as how to launch their own startups, cultivate their concepts and strategies, and how to manage their tech projects as if they were real companies,” he continued.


About the S.T.E.M. Stars Online Application Builder


This year the company launched an online application builder so that students could turn ideas into real web and mobile apps. From there, they are guided on how to market and crowdfund their projects.

“Essentially, we are taking a student with an idea, and giving him or her the training and tools to become the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg,” says Brown.

(image source: Steve Brown of Stem Stars)


The platform attempts to address many of the challenges facing school systems in the 21st century such as language barriers, attendance, missed assignments due to sickness, travel issues, and other barriers.

And the founder is optimistic about the future of his startup.

”We’ve been extremely busy lately, and my vision is to hopefully one day see S.T.E.M. STARS integrated into every school system in America. We are committed to providing the next generation of minds with 21st-century training and entrepreneurship skills that will keep America competitive in the new economy.”