Stop Playing! Usher Pulls April Fool’s Joke At Dreamville Fest, Claims Beyoncé Is Performing

Usher pulled a fast one at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival on Saturday when he tricked the entire audience into believing the one and only Beyoncé was joining him on stage.

With the concert taking place on April Fool’s Day, it was only right that Usher, taking a break from his Vegas residency,  use the opportunity to play a prank on the excited crowd.

“You know, I don’t know if you guys listened to some of the interviews that I did before we decided to do this show, but as promised I said I would have a special surprise for you tonight ladies and gentlemen,” he told the crowd.

“You guys wanna know what that surprise is? Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu… Put your hands together for the one, the only… Beyoncé.”

He backed away from his microphone for a brief moment and acted as though Queen Bey was walking on stage. However, after walking off for a quick moment he returned with a smile and said, “April Fools.”

Fans applauded his joke, which came in the middle of a predictably stellar stage show.

“Usher slayed that stage…iconic stuff. That has got to be the worlds best April fools,” one fan wrote.

One BeyHive member posted a GIF from the Donald Glover-created show Swarm, which plays off the fandom surrounding Beyonce.

There were other GIFs used that summed up how much of the crowd likely felt being played with the promise of an Usher- Beyonce stage show.

Beyonce and Usher have collaborated on songs and live performances in the past. Bey was featured on Usher’s 2008 “Love In This Club” remix and the pair performed Usher’s hit, “Bad Girl,” live at his 2004 “Truth” tour.

With it being nearly 10 years since they shared the stage, fans were extra hype for the possibility of Bey performing with Usher at Dreamville Fest. But….April Fools!