Stormi Steele Talks The Rise of Canvas Beauty Brand And Donating to IVF Pregnancies

Stormi Steele Talks The Rise of Canvas Beauty Brand And Donating to IVF Pregnancies

Stormi Steele, the CEO/Founder of the popular natural hair care company Canvas Beauty Brand appeared on Hip Hop & Enterprise to relive her journey from natural hairstylist to the owner of a multi-million dollar hair care empire.

Starting from humble beginnings in her beautiful home state of Alabama to grossing more than $21 million in revenue during the pandemic, Stormi has a story that will inspire all who hear it. She recalls having dreams where she believes God planted the seed of her business inside of her and would give her ideas that ended up making her brand release a product with lasting results.

Stormi decided to follow a vivid dream that came to her in 2010 while in college. With only 23 credit hours left to complete her degree, and a 3.7 GPA, Stormi followed her dream and dropped out to pursue a license in cosmetology.

Within a year, Stormi became a well-paid six-figure hairstylist and salon owner. Still not fulfilled, Stormi transitioned from behind the chair, to building an eCommerce business with the launch of her self-developed hair care product line.

Within a month, Steele doubled her income as a hairstylist and a few short months later built a million-dollar brand solely from the online sales of hair signature hair serum. In 2020, Canvas Beauty Brand grossed more than $21 million dollars in revenue.

This year, Canvas Beauty Brand continues to break record sales and has expanded its customers to a global audience of hair care enthusiasts who have all taken the pledge towards stronger healthier hair.

Instead of just relishing in her millions from her hair care empire, Stormi found a way to pay it forward in a meaningful way. Following the recent birth of her son after years of struggling to carry full-term, Stormi is dedicated to helping other hopeful mothers conceive through IVF treatment.

As the Founder of “The Dream Girl Society,” Stormi was already helping women with business and entrepreneurial aspirations. Through her newest non-profit “For Mamas,” Stormi provides fully funded IVF treatment for hopeful moms across the country.

Between running her hair empire, raising her family, and continuing to pay it forward through genuine philanthropy, Stormi is creating a legacy and teaching other “Dream Girls” to do the same.

To hear more about Stormi’s business success story and her powerful philanthropy work, press play below.