Straight Outta Patience: Ice Cube Almost Killed Someone For Duping His Mother Out Of $20

Straight Outta Patience: Ice Cube Almost Killed Someone For Duping His Mother Out Of $20

If it wasn’t for a missed opportunity to gain revenge, there might have never been a hip-hop group named N.W.A. or a successful rapper turned Hollywood executive who goes by the moniker Ice Cube.

In an interview with Graham Bensinger (In Depth with Graham Bensinger), the Friday franchise actor revealed that he almost killed a man for duping his mother out of $20.

“Somebody I knew and went to school with, um, who we knew was, uh, heavy on drugs, had went around to my house and gave my mother some cockamamie story, so she gave him $20, and I was so mad. You… you violated me and my family because you knew, you know, you wasn’t ever going to give that $20 back,” Ice Cube explained.

“So, um, me and friends was going around the corner to kill him, and, um, he wasn’t home. So, thank God. Thank God he wasn’t home. We were young and we was mad and we had a weapon and it was going to happen. It would’ve been stupid, and I wouldn’t be sitting here if it did happen.”

That is some real tea right there!

The successful entertainer was also asked about the death of his sister, who was murdered when he was only 12 years old and how it affected him.

“It made me realize how cruel the world could be,” he replied. “Uh, it made me realize something as precious as your life can be taken away by somebody you know.” He said it changed his perspective on life and its seriousness. “It just made me realize, you know, that life is not a joke. It’s precious, you know, it just made me a more serious person. You know, it robs you a little of your childhood. You know, it took away a little bit of what it is to be a kid, you know.”

You can check out the clip below: