Style Suite: Laced with Sophistication

Style Suite: Laced with Sophistication

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Welcome to the Style Suite with Kéla Walker, your source for fashion and style trends for power plays in the workplace. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she’ll share tips and suggestions to help maximize your style on a budget. Whether you’re the style devil in Prada or the apprentice with limited apparel, you’ll find something in the Style Suite to suit your needs.

Quick! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word lace?

Of everything you thought of, did it include anything you would actually wear to work? For most of you, I’m guessing no. Make no mistake about, while the sheer fabric is typically reserved for private occasions, there is also room for it in your professional attire.

Lace has been a hot trend for a few seasons now, and with it, we’re seeing different kinds of interpretations and styles with the fine material. Demand for the racy fabric isn’t letting up any time soon, with sightings on tons of runways for this year’s spring and fall looks. As sexy as it is, lace can also be very sweet, subtle—and work appropriate.

Now more than ever, lace is extremely versatile, ranging from traditional lightweight sheers to heavy fabrics, and comes in colors beyond the standard black and white. It’s very possible to wear it in the workplace without looking too risque. In fact, I’m wearing lace from head to toe: My pants are the traditional lace over a beige underlining and the top is black on black lace. Either way you look at it, you can see the limitless options.

If you haven’t already, try wearing the feminine fabric to your workplace. Done appropriately, it will add the perfect amount of elegant sophistication to your wardrobe.

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