Style Suite: Vote in Style with Michelle Obama-Inspired Work Wear

Style Suite: Vote in Style with Michelle Obama-Inspired Work Wear

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It’s Nov. 6, and that only means one thing: Time to vote. It’s essential that each and every one of us get out there and exercise our right to vote. You must have a hand in deciding the future of our country.

While some of us may not agree on the best man for the role, the one thing we can all agree on is Michelle Obama’s style savvy. In just a few short years she has established herself as an icon, inspiring many of us to add polish and class to our looks. A fan of American designers and mass retail, the First Lady proves time and time again that first-class fashion is accessible to all of us.

As the polls become busy for Election Day, keep in mind these five stellar elements of Michelle Obama’s style campaign and how you too can embody them all:

Assets: You’d have to be blind not to notice the First Lady’s killer arms. If the lady has flaws, we sure can’t see them. That’s because she wears clothes that compliment her body and highlight her assets. Wear what works for your body. It’s one of the best notes in the book of style.

Color: Obama is known for wearing an array of bold colors and patterns. From bold-toned dresses to color-blocking separates, Michelle isn’t afraid to play with the many spectrums of the rainbow. Bright hues radiate on women of color and make you stand out from the crowd.

Mix-and-Match: Whether pairing colors with prints or designer labels with mass retail, the First Lady is known for mixing things up. She may wear the same item multiple times, but each look is unique. She understands that there is no uniform in fashion and that you have to mix and match to create a look all your own—while saving your pockets.

Pointy Pumps:One of this season’s hottest trends is the FLOTUS’ closet staple. Practically every one of her wardrobe choices are punctuated with pointy-toe kitten heels. Whether she’s color blocking or mixing and matching, her look is pulled together with a sleek shoe.

Accessories: From statement necklaces to broaches and belts, Michelle knows how to accessorize an outfit. Her brooches are strategically placed, her belts accentuate her curves and her jewelry compliments her wardrobe. It’s all in the details and Michelle uses accessories to personalize her style and pull her look together.

Too bad it’s not the First Lady’s style that’s up for re-election. There’s no doubt she got it right the first time around and would have no problems taking the win for another term, serving the world with her amazing style and polished grace.

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