Style Suite: Office Chic for Now … And Later

Style Suite: Office Chic for Now … And Later

(Image: Knightmare6 Photography)

Welcome to the Style Suite with Kéla Walker, your source for fashion and style trends for power plays in the workplace. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she’ll share tips and suggestions to help maximize your style on a budget. Whether you’re the style devil in Prada or the apprentice with limited apparel, you’ll find something in the Style Suite to suit your needs.

Any day now, spring will be here. (At least that’s what I keep repeating to myself.) I can’t wait to get back to my flowing dresses, bright colors and everything else that warm weather calls for. With a case of spring fever, there’s no reason why I can’t indulge in the season’s trends with pieces that I can wear now and later.

Despite still baring coats and boots, everywhere you look, spring is staring at you. From apparel to decor, retailers have nothing but spring and summer in store. Even with a few more weeks of winter, you’ll have a much easier time buying a pair of shorts right now than a scarf. And while the weather report calls for that scarf now more than those shorts, why wait until then to wear those new spring pieces. Pull a double duty with your wardrobe and winterize those pieces; except in this case, instead of hiding under chunky knits and thick layers, let the new threads take center stage.

Such was the case with this dress that I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) wait for warm weather to wear. Since bold colors continue to be on trend for the season I layered it over a citron blouse that played up the color in the dress. It’s the opposite of what I would have done at the beginning of winter, layered it under a turtleneck, focusing on the darker side.

Sure you still have to wear tights and boots for now but the idea is to play up color, prints and patterns—anything that evokes spring and all it’s vibrancy. Hopefully, it will help the season spring up sooner than later.

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