Style Suite: Over-the-Knee and Work-Friendly

Style Suite: Over-the-Knee and Work-Friendly

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Everyone I know is complaining about the winter and the several layers they have to go through— literally and figuratively—to stay stylish in these chilling temperatures. As wonderful as it would be for spring to arrive now, the fact remains we still have a few more weeks of winter and with that more more layering. Might I suggest my newest winter obsession: over the knee (OTK) boots. These shoes are helping pull me through this winter in the Style Suite.

Most professional women give OTK boots the side eye and dismiss the footwear from their work wear because of their risque factor, but I’d have to disagree. Sure they were Julia Robert’s shoe of choice in “Pretty Woman” but they aren’t just for *ahem* ladies of the night, as my elders would say. The average, everyday working woman can also sport OTK boots to her workplace, no matter the career.

OTK boots make for chic leg warmers in the winter, and even better than that, they give the illusion of a long and lean look. Since OTK boots go on for days, they make the eye take in your full head to toe look.  To keep OTK boots office appropriate, I avoid wearing them with pants or jeans since the boots are already tall and tight. That look may work in some creative environments, but the safe bet is to wear them with dresses. I like to pair my OTK boots with those that meet the top of the boot or extend over the top of the boot to really cash in on that long and lean effect. (See an example here.) If the dress doesn’t at least meet the boot, there is a break in your outfit and that’s where the potential for that risque factor can enter. Remember, the boots are already pretty high and since we’re talking about the work place, your dress shouldn’t be that much higher.

Another great way to wear OTK boots is with similar hues and colors for a monochromatic head-to-toe look that also has a slimming effect.

Consider the extra tall boot in your wardrobe. They make a great addition to your work wear and can help you win your battle to stay warm and stylish in the winter.

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