Celebrity Stylist Olori Swank Creates Unique Coloring Book

Celebrity Stylist Olori Swank Creates Unique Coloring Book

Olori Swank
(Image: Celebrity stylist Olori Swank authors new coloring-book Color Like a Bo$$)

Olori Swank has long been one of entertainment’s most sought-after stylists, outfitting the likes of Lance Gross, Childish Gambino, and Teyana Taylor to name a few. Now the celebrity stylist turned entrepreneur, turned storyteller is authoring her second book within a one-year span.

Last year, Swank released her first book, 101: The Blueprint for a Swank Life, which offers tips on style, dating, finance, entrepreneurship, and more. She has recently followed up her successful book debut with a unique coloring book filled with motivation.

Color like a Bo$$ is the adult coloring book answer for boss chicks that want to color something more than intricate floral prints and mandalas. This coloring book exemplifies all that is boss. Filled with 30 illustrations and accompanying words of affirmation, this book is the perfect way to de-stress, re-energize, relax, and get motivated.

Considered a passion project for Swank, she has kept her new coloring book very close to her chest.

“I haven’t announced it yet. I haven’t told anyone, no press, no social media, nothing! Other than a few small glimpses of me coloring it on Snapchat, I’ve kept the chatter pretty hush on this one.”

Although the development of her second book has been kept quiet, Swank believes that the greater message shouldn’t be.

“I’m sure you can recall the many times you’ve felt defeated. I want to help those who are bound to have those same feelings of defeat. In my quest to contribute something to the world bigger than me, I secretly created an adult coloring book that promotes empowerment while encouraging tenacity.”

The brown beauty with the signature blue hair continues to empower women of color who are so frequently overlooked within the world of fashion. The Color Like a Bo$$ coloring-book will surely motivate women of color around the globe who set trends and break down barriers across industries.