Success Model Wanted

I am 26, and single, with no kids. I work as a cosmetologist and go to school full time, studying physical therapy. My dream is to become an actress and model. I really want a lot out of life. I know I’ll get there, but what must I do? I continue to pray, each day, that one day my dream can come true. I’m exercising, eating right, and looking my best every day. Please help me! Where do –C. Myers, Memphis, Tennessee

To find time to pursue a career as a model/ actress, you’ll eventually have to give up your cosmetology job, or the full-time pursuit of your physical therapy studies. Give up the latter — but only after you’ve earned your degree. Your physical therapy training can help you to pay the bills until you are established as a model and/or actress, or in case things don’t work out. In fact, both your physical therapy training and your cosmetology experience could come in handy in industries where beautiful faces and fit, firm bodies are the stock in trade.

In the meantime, focus on modeling and use that as a foundation for your acting pursuits. You need to learn everything you can about the fashion business. Start with The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Model by supermodel Roshumba Williams (Alpha Books; $16.95) and the Wilhelmina Guide to Modeling by Natasha Esch (Fireside; $15), who is also a model. Another good choice is an e-book titled The FabJob .com Guide to Become a Model by Barbara Carr Phillips (FabJob;; $29.95).