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Suki With The Good Groceries: The Rapper Gifts Food To Families

Suki is out here doing the good Lord's work!

Sukihana is starting the holiday season in a giving mood. The hip-hop artist gifted two families from Jacksonville, FL, free groceries by participating in her four-minute challenge.

The challenge prompts the families to collect all the food they can within the grocery store in four minutes, with the bill taken care of by Suki. The rising rapper showcased footage of the charitable act on her Instagram page, which has over 2.2 million followers.

The Wilmington, DE native showed two participating families, consisting of mothers and their children, as they began the quest to acquire as much food as possible within the short timeframe.

“I picked two moms and their kids so that we can go on a shopping spree,” explained the 31-year-old. “You and y’all children are going to go in there and get all the food that you can get in four minutes, and everything that you get, I’m going to buy.”

Sukihana joined the challengers on their fast-paced grocery venture, running around at the Jacksonville Walmart to help secure goods such as Lunchables and cereal. A small crowd followed as they watched the families pile their carts with food that was free of charge, courtesy of the “Casamigos” rapper.

“I’m so thankful that I got to do this with you guys, and most importantly, we got to thank God,” Sukihana expressed as she celebrated the completion of the challenge with the families.

The media personality captioned the video with the trending #4minutechallenge, stating that they had “so much fun” being able to give back in a playful way. The positive news is a break from the typical headlines associated with the star, whose sexual explicitness often results in negative attention from the public and celebrities alike.