Kandi Burruss Criticized For ‘Weird’ Interview With Sukihana After YK Osiris Apologizes For Forced Kiss

YK Osiris is doing damage control after facing backlash online for his alleged sexual assault of reality star Sukihana.

The Love & Hip Hop star has been trending across social media after a now-viral video shows Osiris attempting to force a kiss on Suki during a basketball competition. Suki has since responded to the exchange saying she was “hurt” by the experience.

“I am hurt and I am scared to stand up for myself,” Sukihana tweeted on Wednesday.


“I drink to hide that I’m very sensitive. I feel things more then the average person. I stopped drinking yesterday but today I’ve been crying all day,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet before deactivating her account.

“I asked God to strengthen me and use me to help others and to order my steps in his word. I just want to go away for awhile.”

Amid the backlash, YK Osiris took to his Instagram Story to issue a public apology to Suki and all who he offended with his actions. According to the singer, he was trying to be “playful” with Suki and wasn’t aware that he “violated” her “boundaries.”

But Osiris didn’t face criticism from everyone. While Amber Rose called him out to defend Sukihana, rapper Meek Mill hopped on Twitter to defend the singer.

“Don’t do this to him please he a good kid …. Just slap him and he gotta let you something,” Meek tweeted.

“We don’t need our young bulls tore down for mistakes in this hyper sexual era…. I support suki … hold that sh*t down on some street sh*t.”

Elsewhere, singer and reality star Kandi Burruss has also come under fire for how seemingly nonchalant she was when her co-host got a little too “aggressive” with his advances toward Sukihana when she appeared on “Kandi Koated Live” in February.

During the “Sex and Relationships” episode, Kandi’s co-host DJ Aone made a few vulgar statements to Suki. The comments were so extreme, Kandi even told Aone he was being too “aggressive” with Suki.

But Kandi’s laughing during the exchange is rubbing spectators wrong months later. Amid debates over Suki’s recent exchange with Osiris, social media revisited her appearance on Kandi’s podcast and is calling out the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and her co-host.

“Second-hand embarrassment for Men. I’m sorry y’all gotta deal with weirdo activity like this ladies.. y’all deserve better,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Sexual harassment and kandi is just laughing it off,” added someone else.

Kandi has yet to respond to the current conversation but considering how much steam it’s gaining, she most likely will.

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