Crayon Case CEO Supa Cent Tips Server $1,000 For Dealing With Her Large Family

Crayon Case CEO Supa Cent Tips Server $1,000 For Dealing With Her Large Family

For multi-millionaire beauty entrepreneur, Supa Cent, patience goes a long way.

According to her Instagram stories, The Crayon Case CEO shared a copy of her receipt after enjoying a seafood feast with her younger family members, indicating that she tipped their party’s server $1,000 as an appreciation gift.

“Remember the serving days when people came with so many kids and the kids was aggravating,” Supa Cent wrote, reminiscing on her own time as a server. “Some servers didn’t like taking tables with kids because it was frustrating. When all you needed was patience.”

(Image: Instagram/Supa_cent)

In a video posted to her Instagram stories, Supa, her son, nieces, nephews, and an elder family member savored a feast at one of Fiery Crab’s locations in Louisiana, a seafood-chain well-known for its delicious cajun flavors. Since the launch of its first location, Fiery Crab has expanded into different cities across Louisiana and South Carolina, according to its website.

The clip shows off platters of seafood boils featuring crab legs and sides of corn, potatoes, drinks, and more. At the end, the feast amounted up to $973.65. And apparently, her server understood the assignment. Supa, generously, left a tip larger than the bill for the unnamed employee at the restaurant. She was pleased with their service and patience throughout the dinning experience.

Later, she posted another photo of her younger family members gathered around with an array of ice cream treats in hand. It appears they were treated to a delightful dessert after the seafood meal.

The New Orleans daughter became popular name among the beauty industry in 2018 after her viral cosmetics brand, “The Crayon Case,” generated $1 million dollars revenue on Cyber Monday sale in just two hours. Launched in 2017, The Crayon Case was conceptualized from her learning experience of teaching herself how to do makeup and posting it online.

Through her Youtube Channel, Wuzzam Supa, Cent is highly respected online for her transparency. She has shared her personal and professional journey, including cooking recipes, challenges, story time, and more.