A Surprising Amount Of Black Americans Declare Return To Office Has Boosted Productivity

A Surprising Amount Of Black Americans Declare Return To Office Has Boosted Productivity

Most workers–including Black Americans–being instructed to return to the office feel the requirement is helping improve their output new data shows.

Multiple reports on work-from-home (WFH) and return to office (RTO) in recent months show many U.S. businesses are divided. While some companies are allowing employees to keep working remotely, a growing number of companies are demanding they return.

The question now: Are workers just as productive at home as in the office?

Some 63% of workers report RTO has boosted productivity, with Gen Z feeling it more so than other generations. That was among the findings by ResumeBuilder.com. Last month, 1,500 full-time, corporate employees were surveyed on where they are now working and how RTO has impacted their productivity.

As for Black Americans, 72% say going back to the office has improved their productivity; 47% say they are much more productive. They and workers overall cite more efficient teamwork as the top reason for productivity improvements. Just 11% of Black workers report RTO has worsened their productivity. They list more stress, and harder work/life balance among the top factors. Some 210 Black Americans were surveyed.

The report comes three years after the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to abruptly stop employees from coming to work and to work from home indefinitely. The crisis also made WFH an unprecedented event and forced companies to unparalleled actions to adjust to the condition.

Overall, findings showed 85% of workers go to the office at least once a week. Just 13% say returning to the office has worsened their productivity. Some 1 in 4 say it stems from resenting their employer for forced RTO. Some 68% of workers would like to work less frequently from the office.

Though believing they are more productive at work, 60% of those who cited improved productivity would like to work less from the office than they do now, while 38% would opt to work fully remotely.

For Black Americans, 65% would prefer to work less frequently from the office.