Survey Says Nearly Half Of Employees Would Quit Their Jobs If Required To Return In-Office

Survey Says Nearly Half Of Employees Would Quit Their Jobs If Required To Return In-Office

Financial professionals won’t return to normal, pre-COVID working conditions if given the choice.

A Bloomberg Markets Live Pulse report revealed that financial professionals are willing to walk away from their jobs over working in person. A total of 1,320 financial professionals were surveyed along with 256 retail investors across the globe. Almost half the financial professionals surveyed (48.5%) were willing to find a new job if their current one required being in the office more often. Only 20% of respondents were in favor of working in the office. More than half favored hybrid work.

However, seeing such a vow through is another matter for financial professionals. The Bloomberg survey shared, “Of course, pledging to quit over hybrid work is easier said under the veil of anonymity than followed through with actions.”

Financial professionals seem to be at ease even with the threat of unemployment looming. Financial Advisor IQ reported the financial industry has cut more than 37,000 jobs. Still, only one in 10 professionals surveyed felt compelled to be in the office more after job cuts.

Women and non-white groups of people may benefit from working remotely. BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported that remote work arrangements encouraged an increase in diversity within the workforce. A 2022 Meta report found that candidates for remote positions more often than not were Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Alaskan Native along with veterans and people with disabilities. Women were also likely to apply for remote positions.

Employers themselves have opposing ideas about remote work. Elon Musk, owner and chief technology officer of Twitter and chief executive officer of Tesla, said in a tweet per CNBC, “People should get off their goddamn moral high horse with their work-from-home b*******.” According to Musk, “people are more productive when they’re in person.”

BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported how Black people dragged Musk for his stance on working in the office. “But he doesn’t even work from work! You spend most of your days behind a cubicle and then you talk,” read one comment.

Even so, financial professionals seem willing to risk it all if it means not going to the office as much.