NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Popularity Takes A Nosedive Among Black Voters

NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Popularity Takes A Nosedive Among Black Voters

Black people in New York City aren’t really feeling Mayor Eric Adams.

According to a survey conducted by Siena College, Adams’ approval ratings from voters have dropped drastically, the New York Daily News reported. Given the current housing and migrant crisis facing New Yorkers, they aren’t too happy about the way Adams has been handling things. The survey, issued between June 20 and June 25, found that 46% of NYC residents think Adams is doing a decent job, versus 39% who hold an unfavorable opinion.

The largest drop came from Black New Yorkers, with just 29% continuing to show support for his initiatives. Fifty percent are not in his favor, which is interesting given that Black voters showed a 59%-16% approval-disapproval in May. Despite the numbers, Adams’ political adviser, Evan Thies, feels the results are a win for the mayor, but thinks when it comes to African-American voters, the numbers are inaccurate. “It is not a credible number considering the fact that the same polling organization showed the reverse result just one month ago and the mayor’s historic support from the African American community,” Thies said.

However, things are looking up for Adams outside the five boroughs. Across the state of New York, the Democratic mayor has a leg up on Gov. Kathy Hochul, according to the New York Post. Recently, her favorability fell to its “worst-ever” rating, after starting off rough earlier this year, including issues with the budget. In another survey conducted by Siena, New Yorkers are giving a side eye to whether Hochul is a strong or effective leader.

Thies feels the mayor should have nothing to worry about, given his fight against crime and getting jobs back in the hands of New Yorkers. “New Yorkers strongly approve of the job Mayor Adams is doing because he has driven down crime, raised employment, and handled multiple crises with the strong leadership needed to navigate challenging times,” the adviser said.