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Texas Women’s Basketball Coach Sydney Carter Responds To Outfit Criticism: ‘I Can’t Help That I’m Curvy’

'My confidence offended people," University of Texas women's basketball coach Sydney Carter said.

Former Texas A&M’s women’s basketball coach, Sydney Carter, is responding to the criticism she receives for her courtside appearance.

The current Director of Player Development for women’s basketball at The University of Texas appeared on “Way Up With Angela Yee” last week where she explained her mindset when putting together her outfits. Carter isn’t trying to offend anyone when she decides what to wear on game day. The Texas A&M University alum just wants to wear what she feels comfortable in and can’t help that she’s “curvy.”

“My confidence offended people. To this day, I’m not apologizing for who I am because I was raised this way…It surprised me because, at the end of the day, I was just doing my job,” she told Yee.

“And like, I can’t help that I’m curvy. I can’t help that I like to dress a certain way and I’ve never been inappropriate. So, of course, to me, that’s surprising because it’s like, ‘What did I do wrong?'”

Fans showed their support for Carter and her fashion style. Many encouraged her to continue being herself and ignore the naysayers.

“The best dressed coach in HISTORY, mmkay?” one person wrote.

“Not a damned thing wrong. People are intimidated by beautiful, classy, confident Black Queens,” added someone else.

Her comments come two years after she faced criticism for wearing pink patent leather pants to game 22 of the season. When asked about the backlash, Carter credits the condemnation to some people being upset with Black women in leadership.

“I just think that people are uncomfortable with a Black woman being in a power position,” Carter told Yahoo Life. “When you see a Black woman who is actually confident and embracing herself, I think that that’s very intimidating.”

One look at Carter’s Instagram page and her love for fashion and basketball is evident. She’s setting a new tone in sports that reminds women how to slay and play at the same time.

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