T-Pain Recalls Getting Shaded and Shut Down By Prince

Imagine finally getting the chance to speak with a music legend only for him to dismiss you in the shadiest way.

That’s what happened when T-Pain spoke with the late, great musician Prince on the phone. The “Bartender” crooner was recounted the experience with the the High Priest of Pop on producer’s Bryan-Michael Cox Nappy Boy Radio podcast.

“I was sitting at the Sofitel in L.A., sitting at the bar and dude was sitting right next me [and was] like ‘Ayy! Man, ain’t you T-Pain? I’m Prince’s bass player,'” T-Pain shared. During the encounter with Prince’s bassist, T-Pain says the “Purple Rain” singer called his band member on the phone.


“What’s up, P?” the bassist asked The Purple One before letting the music icon know that he was sitting next to T-Pain. However, Prince couldn’t care less who the bassist was with and was more concerned with whether the instrumentalist was “coming to jam.”

“Man I don’t wanna talk to no motherf**king T-Pain!,'” T-Pain says Prince told his bassist.

But somehow, T-Pain ended up getting forced on the phone with Prince who crudely asked the “Buy U A Drank” singer, “Can you hand the phone back?”

Prince had a reputation for not holding back and speaking his mind regardless of the person, place, or setting. Kim Kardashian probably got it the worst when she attended a Prince concert in 2011 and was kicked off stage for not dancing.

Prince invited the reality star to “jam out” with him on stage at Madison Square Garden. But when the SKIMS founder just stood there clapping her hands, Prince had enough and told her to exit stage left!


Another notable Prince encounter was the legendary basketball game between Prince and the late Charlie Murphy that was used in a hilarious skit on Chappelle Show.

Prince was known to shade the best of them. T-Pain should consider himself lucky to have received the honor.