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Fashion & Beauty Lifestyle

Style Influencers Group Sees Business in Bloggers and Influencers

Essence Gant
The digital sphere and social media have officially taken over the world and there’s no getting around it. But you don’t necessarily have to, as...
Career Entrepreneurship

Fashion Designer Laurie Underwood Talks Inspiration Behind Creating Wanda Grace

Chanel Martin
At the age of nine, Laurie Underwood began designing and creating her own clothing. Focusing on grace and feminine appeal, she birthed the fashion forward, swanky yet trendy line...
Fashion & Beauty Lifestyle

Kanye West’s $350 Sneakers Restock After Selling Out

Essence Gant
Kanye West may need to work on his award show etiquette, but one thing the controversial rapper has mastered to perfection is the marketing of...
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Deidre Jefferies Talks ‘Kingdom’, Shares Wealth with Fashion Designers

Essence Gant
Deidre Jefferies was born and raised in D.C. where she was inspired by the city’s spy culture. She infused that inspiration into her label ESPION...