Black Beauty: 6 Women Who Made History with Major Beauty Brands
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

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The beauty of black women cannot be denied. Our never-ending array of skin tones and hair textures are only two entities that comprise our standout, multi-dimensional makeup. Our beauty, however, has not always been valued on mainstream platforms, particularly in the cosmetic industry.

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While not where it should be, black representation among major beauty brands is getting better. The following women are lending their voices and stunning faces to redefine the way beauty is perceived in larger markets. Scroll through the following pages and see if you remember when these leading ladies inked their beauty deals.


Before Halle Berry was on what seems to be every Revlon commercial, billboard and magazine spread, there was Iman. The Somalian beauty is credited as the world’s first black supermodel, and the first black face of Revlon in the 1980s. Beverly Johnson and Louise Vyent joined her in campaigning for the brand.

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