Tasha K: ‘I Ain’t Got It’ — Cardi B Claps Back and Says the Blogger Better Have Her Money

Tasha K: ‘I Ain’t Got It’ — Cardi B Claps Back and Says the Blogger Better Have Her Money

Tasha K, a blogger who recently lost a defamation lawsuit against diamond artist Cardi B, was asked about her paying the Bronx-born rapper, and she revealed, “I ain’t got it!” Cardi B seemingly responds to the news of hearing this statement.

Earlier this year, the Grammy Award-winning rapper was awarded nearly $3 million in punitive damages and attorneys’ fees after a jury found Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, liable on counts of defamation, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. Variety reports that the $3 million comes on top of the $1.25 million she was awarded.

Tasha K appeared on a recent podcast episode with Kendall Kyndall and Kendra G of Social Society. The hosts asked Tasha K if she even had that type of money to pay out to Cardi B in the interview. She quickly responded by saying, “I ain’t got it.”


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She continues by stating that there are things in place for situations like lawsuits.

“But listen, we have business things in place that takes care of things like this. But of course, the appellate court and the Supreme Court is in process right now.” When the hosts pressed her again about the judgment, she said, “Who trying to pay $4 million?”

Although Cardi didn’t mention anyone by name or even state what she was referring to, her tweet seemingly is in response to Tasha K’s initial reaction to paying her.

When Cardi B was awarded her judgment, she thanked the judge, jury, family, friends, and her legal team for the victory.

“I appreciate Judge Ray for conducting a fair and impartial trial. I am grateful for the jury and their careful deliberation over the past two weeks. I am profoundly grateful for the hard work and support from my legal team. Most importantly, thank you to my family and close friends who held my hand and helped me get the support I needed during this experience.”