Tasha K Still ‘On Hook’ For $4 Million Debt Owed To Cardi

Meghann Cuniff, known on Black Twitter as Meg Thee Reporter, is breaking down the latest update regarding Tasha K’s substantial debt to Cardi B.

In an X thread, Cuniff detailed how the blogger still must pay the $4 million to the “Bongos” artist. The judge ruled that declaring bankruptcy won’t absolve the vlogger from writing those checks. In June, Tasha K filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Florida, requesting to pay out 22 quarterly installments of $220,000, but to no avail, per Complex.

The journalist explained in continued posts of the nuances within the case, stating that the current dispute is over $500,000 owed in punitive damages from Tasha K’s company, Kebe Studios. While this has not been officially enacted, according to Cardi’s team, the defendant is not contesting the amount.

As for why the damages are so high, Cuniff explained that the original lawsuit filed by the rapper’s attorneys displayed that the blogger was “obsessed” with disparaging Cardi’s character through her platform.

However, according to the legal reporter, the case issue is more about whether the jury will agree that the large sum fits the crime.

Cuniff, who considered the lawsuit to be a “slam dunk” for the Bronx native, shared that Tasha K’s dismissal of the serious allegations over her gossip led to her current predicament of owing millions to Cardi. As the legal dispute currently stands, the typical last line of defense to get rid of debts is no longer available for Tasha K and her troubling headlines.

As for the unresolved payout of $500,000 from the content creator’s business, a pretrial conference has been set for Jan. 9 as Tasha K will see whether she owes Cardi more money.