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Serial Entrepreneur Leads Flourishing Tax Services Enterprise, Inspires Black Entrepreneurs Nationwide

Danni Washington is working to teach her clients the ropes of the tax industry to help her community create generational wealth.

With billboards in 15 different states, at the helm of a flourishing tax services enterprise is Mississippi native Danni Washington, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Washington Credit & Tax Solutions, LLC.

Driven by an unwavering desire to inspire the next generation of young, Black entrepreneurs in the tax sector, the mental health advocate has built multiple successful tax businesses boasting an impressive network of 32 locations dedicated to delivering unparalleled tax preparation services for those filing self-employed, individual, and business returns.

Now, she continues her endeavors as she uses her initiative to bridge the gaps for people of color facing financial disparities.

“I was basically just hiring people that work at restaurants…just people that make the bare minimum,” the tax powerhouse told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “I was giving them a chance to make more money in a little amount of time. So, I would get them certified and everything, and within two to three months, they probably made their first $100k…$200k.”

Washington has helped over 40 tax partners launch their own companies from the ground up. “From registering their business to purchasing bank products and software, I allow them to use my bank products to support their business,” she shared. “I also help them with funding.”

Making money and creating generational wealth is one of the benefits of understanding the industry, which she said is “something that will be ongoing forever.” The CEO, who is also a beauty and fashion influencer, said filing taxes is something we all should know.

“Where I’m from…we weren’t raised to understand the tax industry,” Washington said. “I just feel like the finance world should be for everyone” and understanding the changes is important because filing taxes is a priority. When we learn how to do things for ourselves, we eliminate mess-ups…that’s why I try to teach everyone that I can.”

Keeping Track Of Business

It’s not so much about expanding, but picking the right team. Tax companies should be intentional about who they put inside their offices. “The right team takes you further,” said Washington, who has expanded from having 12 contractors to 349.

“You have to lock yourself into your office,” she added.

Washington has several accountants to help new business owners keep up with things like bookkeeping and expenses. Washington gives her clients opportunities beyond taxes as she also acts as a financial coach. Other investments that have worked for her entrepreneurial success, she extends to her clients. “Even though I teach them how to make the money, I make sure they grow the money as well.”

Aspiring Tax Professionals

Washington holds trainings every 90 days, four times a year. She offers her clients bookkeeping services, accounting, personal and business taxes. Washington also offers coaching for those who may not be interested in establishing a tax company, but still desire to learn about taxes in general. Training for partners includes marketing materials, forming websites, jot forms, radio ads, flyers, setting fees, and training on how to coach your own team.

The businesswoman, who initially attended college to become a behavioral therapist, is currently converting over to the Association of Rich Tax Professionals (ARTP), a tax service bureau company with a mission to provide education, support, and innovative solutions for entrepreneurs in the tax industry. As the owner, she has built a team ready and willing to help provide the necessary tools for entrepreneurs to succeed in tax preparation and business development as they accomplish their own financial goals and build their communities.

ARTP provides tax preparation training, tax software and bank products, virtual one-on-one tax training, business development support, and individual and business filing.

Still Owe From Previous Years?

Washington also does back taxes for those who haven’t filed taxes in previous years. “I always start mid-March to April,” she said. “For the ones that owe, the first thing I look at is the tax return to make sure it was done properly.” If there was a mistake with how they reported any information, she helps them complete the amendment process with a goal to try to keep her clients from owing anything.

Prior to filing taxes, Washington worked with thousands of clients on building their credit. “Credit can get you more things than your social security number can get you,” she said. She also has partners who offer credit services.

Meet the tax mogul in Atlanta this weekend from March 29-30, for the Women Making History ATL Social.

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