Taylor Baloney's 'Gotcha' Helps You 'Find My Everything' with Her GPS Tracker
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Taylor Baloney’s ‘Gotcha’ Helps You ‘Find My Everything’ with Her GPS Tracker

Taylor Baloney
The Gotcha GPS Tracker

We all encounter situations where we have to try to remember where we placed something. Well, according to Eurweb, there’s an app for that!

Taylor Baloney, founder of tech startup, Find My Everything, has released a GPS app titled “Gotcha.” 

Gotcha” is a GPS tracking device that allows you to find all of your missing items. You can connect the device to anything including a handbag, backpack, laptop, pet, or person. It is the perfect form of “insurance” to protect all of your important items. With the Gotcha tracking device, no longer will you have to worry about an item being lost or stolen. You can find the item anywhere in the U.S. that has cellular coverage.

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In an interview with EUR, Baloney said, “It’s actually a physical device and it works with an app. So, you would hook it on to whatever you want to trace—yourself, purse, or backpack. Then you would sync it to the app (that uses) GPS technology to find whatever you want. It uses real-time tracking, meaning you can see where (an item) is going.”

She also explained that misplacing her phone as a flight attendant at a previous job, helped her gain the vision for the startup company. “I put (my cell phone) in the wrong bag,” said Baloney. “When we landed, I was looking all over for it. I thought someone stole my phone and used ‘find my iPhone’ to find it. By the time a woman responded to the signal, she was in another state. She FedEx’d it to me the next day and I thought, ‘Wow if it wasn’t for this technology, I would have never gotten my phone back.’”

Baloney is also working to combat the perils of human trafficking. At Find My Everything, “we hope, that one day, with our products, we will be able to save the lives of countless human trafficking victims and help them be found. We are currently working with Love Never Fails, a nonprofit organization that helps victims of human trafficking. The organization is helping us conduct focus group studies. We will be providing pilot units of our device for survivors to use and test and use their feedback to improve our product.”

You can visit the website to learn more about the product and for any information regarding the things Find My Everything is doing.