SkeeYee! Teacher Uses Sexxy Red Lyrics to Get Her Students’ Attention

With more millennials taking up space in the teaching profession, we’re seeing more cool and innovative ways in which educators are connecting with their students.

One educator dominating the #TeachersofTikTok hashtag has gone viral for how she used Sexxy Red lyrics to catch her students’ attention. In a video shared on August 31, the teacher, who goes by @IAmMemori on TikTok, used a little “SkeeYee” to address her classroom.

“Day 2 of the school year! 😏 Students: “This one hits!” Me: Chiillleeeee 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ #teachersoftiktok,” she captioned her post.

@iammemori Day 2 of the school year! 😏 Students: “This one hits!” Me: Chiillleeeee 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ #teachersoftiktok #elementaryschool #teacher ♬ original sound – iammemori

The clip shows Ms. Memori referencing the hook of Sexxy Redd’s latest hit single “SkeeYee,” which clearly resonates with her young scholars. One look at the educator’s TikTok page reveals the pride she takes in teaching and in finding fresh ways to impart her lessons.

A video shared back in April finds Ms. Memori teaching a math lesson, using engaging hand gestures to teach her students linear equations.

The Teacher of TikTok received praise and support from her more than 175,000 followers, as well as thanks for teaching them a useful tip for mastering linear equations.

“I am a 31-year-old grown woman and I am just really understanding this thanks to you. Wow,” one person shared.

“Damn I’m in College and this helped me,” added someone else.

@iammemori #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #elementaryschool ♬ original sound – zivsoundz


“Where was she when I was in school! Someone give this woman a RISE! SHE IS KILLIN IT!” one user wrote.

“I love it . We need more teachers like you,” added someone else.

Meanwhile, who would have thought a Sexxy Redd song could aid in the classroom? Additional proof that you can never doubt the power of hip-hop.

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