‘Technology Transition’ Cause of RushCard Crash

‘Technology Transition’ Cause of RushCard Crash

Last week, users of RushCard; a brand of pre-paid debit and credit cards, could not access their funds due to what the company called a “technology transition.”

RushCard, which was co-founded by entrepreneur and Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons, issued a statement via Twitter:

In the process of upgrading and improving our RushCard services, many of you were hurt by problems that occurred during our technology transition…

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As of today, users are still posting about problems with their cards via social media. The issue started on October 11,  after RushCard upgraded to a new processing partner. After the upgrade, users were unable to access funds they had deposited or make any transactions.

As users tried to login to the RushCard website to find out the status of their accounts, the website also became unavailable due to server overload. Making matters worse, as users tried to repeatedly log into the overloaded site, many of their accounts became locked out after too many login attempts. Even more users were unable to access their RushCard accounts.

The company has applied updates to its system since yesterday to resolve the issues. In a Twitter post it stated that most users should have their cards fully working at this time and the correct amount of funds in their accounts. However, in response to the post, many are tweeting that they are still having problems with the service:


RushCard acknowledged in a Facebook post that some customers’ direct deposits were returned to their payroll or government benefits administrator as a result of inaccurate account information. The company also posted:

If you were impacted by this issue, please contact your employer/government benefits administrator to verify the funds were returned, and either obtain the funds from them or request that they re-submit the payment to your RushCard using your correct account information which can be found on the cardholder web site…

We are not done. We are committed to making sure that every last customer is satisfied and every last issue is resolved.

So far, that Facebook post has over 290 comments from furious RushCard users.